Large containers
Large containers

Our craft cooperage in Cognac offers wine tanks and vats made of French oak, with the option of PEFC certification.

Made exclusively of French oak, our wine tanks and vats benefit from the ancestral expertise found at our craft vat cooperage in Cognac. After being carefully selected from forests by our buyers, the timber is sawed at our Ronchamp site and transformed into batches that, like barrel staves, are left to dry naturally for several years at our maturation areas in Ronchamp and Cognac. After trimming and jointing, performed at our workshops, the process of making these ‘titans’ can begin.


As an expert cooper in making oak vats and tanks ranging from 10 to 750 hl, our French roots have enabled us to develop expertise in the spirits market (cognac, armagnac, rum and more).


    Perfectly tailored to maturing brandies, each product is custom made. From selecting the wood to installing the containers, the creativity of our design engineers, the skill of our artisan vat makers, and the reliability and meticulous care and attention of our assemblers are all put to use to benefit you. Hoops are fitted using a hammer and hoop driver to ensure efficient tightening and perfect watertightness. All joints are BNIC-approved (alcohol-resistant).


After trimming and jointing, the staves are tightened over the heat of an open flame. This toasting process is followed by bousinage, or oenological toasting of the oak.

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    Assembled around a brazier, the large container is initially tightened then undergoes bousinage: this toasting process can take up to an entire day for the largest containers. The temperatures inside and outside the barrel body are regularly measured during the toasting process.


Having been working in the large container industry since 1838, SEGUIN MOREAU has ancestral expertise that demonstrates its quality. Its ageing area, split between Ronchamp and Merpins, ensure that our vat cooperage has significant production capacity. Finally, our manufacturing equipment enables us to produce very large containers up to 750 hl.


    To ensure that vats and tanks are perfectly watertight, they all systematically undergo hoop fitting performed with a hammer and hoop driver. This ancestral technique is still popular and is passed down from generation to generation.


    Our teams pay meticulous care and attention to finishing large containers, which will be used for many years. Applying a microporous varnish or linseed oil offers protection against stains and provides a silky, warm look. The galvanised steel hoops are painted to prevent oxidation. All of the products used are carefully selected.

    Large containers

    Our craft cooperage in Cognac offers wine tanks and vats made of French oak, with the option of PEFC certification.

    Christian THOMAS
    Owner - Château de Beaulon
    "A partnership of over 50 years testifies to the consistent quality of Seguin Moreau's barrels and large containers. Over time, a special relationship has developed between the men and women of our two companies."
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