Staves, blocks, sticks or chips: explore our range of oak alternatives to find the perfect option for your wine!

Our alternative products are a high-end oenological answer to all oaking methods. The result of research and analysis conducted in the cooperage, combining practicality with technicality, our range is unique. It is also NOP and BIO compliant according to ECOCERT, so can be used as part of Organic Agriculture certification. In terms of dosage, incorporation period, and length of contact, our teams are on hand to help you achieve your objectives – get in touch!

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Like our barrels, our oenological wood ranges benefit from wood analysis that has been performed since the early 1980s. This scientific selection allows us to offer exceptional products.


    This range owes its name to the exceptional wood selection that the products benefit from. This is the heart of the Seguin Moreau cooperage’s DNA and one of the keys to our product quality. Following ultra-precise qualitative analyses, only wood with specific properties is used to create these alternatives. The EXCEPTION range therefore helps ensure greater volume on the palate, whilst preserving wines’ freshness and showcasing their fruitiness and varietal notes. It is split into staves, blocks, sticks and chips.



Our teams of passionate wine enthusiasts work to offer new products that meet the needs created by market trends and environmental issues. Our ranges have therefore expanded over the years. Discover the latest additions here.

  • R228

    Inspired by the toast level on 228L barrels, this new OENOCHIPS R228 recipe reveals an intense, ripe expression of fruit, underscored by delicate mineral and smoky notes. Supplementing the OENOCHIPS R02 and R03 range, this new product can be used for white or red wines, with dosages tailored to the wine’s concentration. These chips can be used during malolactic fermentation or maturation – feel free to ask our teams to run tests!


    Alongside OENOSTAVES and OENOCHIPS, the EXCEPTION is available in blocks or sticks. From alcoholic fermentation onwards or during maturation, you will quickly see remarkable results. Tailored to red, white or rosé wines or even press wine, these products benefit from precise wood selection and a specific, light toast level.


Our staves are the result of precise wood selection, represent the cooperage’s DNA, and are available in French or American oak in a variety of thicknesses. Whether traditional ranges or ones created from recipes, choose the staves that meet your needs.



    Using French or American oak, our ranges are available in 7 or 18mm: choose the thickness to suit you. You can then tailor the toast level to your needs: ‘untoasted’ for a fresh, floral feel, ‘medium’ for beautiful aromatic complexity, or ‘medium plus’ to add vanilla and spice notes. OENOSTAVES EXCEPTION have recently been added to the ranges.



    OENEOSTAVES COLLECTION: the result of development and testing with our partner clients, this range benefits from recipes specifically designed to create an organoleptic style that can be repeated over time: minerality, fruit, elegance and more. Do not hesitate to ask us for more details of our six product ranges, our teams are on hand to help!


SEGUIN MOREAU’s chips are the result of collaborative work by our teams. Our ranges are now split into OENOCHIPS, OENOFIRST and OENOFINISHER. All of these oak chips for wine are given special attention to ensure that we can offer you high-quality ranges, with precise sensory profiles that can be repeated over time. Some even hold patents, making them unique! Find out more.



    Taking the form of compressed wood bricks, OENOFIRST can be put in direct contact with the harvest as soon as it arrives in the winery, or in the fermentation vat. Made up of anhydrous and/or toasted wood, using French or American oak, the range includes four products: R00, R01, Rosé and Maxim’US, which can be used for red, white or rosé wines.
    This patented format takes up a quarter of the space of a bag of chips, enabling transport and storage savings. Their compacted nature limits oak dust inhalation – a real safety asset.



    Available in four versions:

    • The Original to showcase soft notes,
    • Toast Booster to add smoky and toasty notes,
    • Vanille Booster to intensify vanilla and caramel notes, and
    • Freshness Booster to highlight floral and/or fruity notes.

    This range of options allows you to add the finishing touches to your wine over one to three weeks, during finishing or at the end of the maturation process. Made of French or American oak, each model is created using a specific recipe. Please feel free to ask us for advice or to conduct testing.


    R02, R03 AND R228

    Available as three products, including new addition R228, these high-end tools enable winemakers to achieve distinctive, reproducible sensory profiles. Created from recipes that can combine different oak types, these can be used for red, white or rosé wines during or after malolactic fermentation or during maturation. Get in touch with our teams to find out more and try the product that best suits your needs.


OENOBLOCK is a practical and effective tool that allows you to take advantage of the complexity and quality of thick staves whilst reducing contact time. Quickly gain volume, elegance and complexity!

  • Oenoblocks

    Made of French or American oak, available in different toast levels, our OENOBLOCKS were designed to enable ideal expression of the nuances and complexity of oak. This range ensures regularity and precision in the resulting sensory profiles.

STICKS: enhance your used barrels!

This oenological innovation helps you stand out and ensure profitability with a range of barrel-aged wines including multiple vintages.

  • Oenosticks: breathe new life into your used barrels!

    Designed as a precise combination of specifically matured and toasted wood types, this unique oenological tool ensures complexity and reproducibility for the resulting sensory profile. Discover the five products on offer (V14, V18, V18 Sweet, V22 and Exception) by talking to our teams.

  • Barrels

    Whether cognac, whisky or brandy, our barrels for spirits are made at our craft cooperage in Cognac.

  • Our patents and publications

    As a pioneer with its scientific approach, SEGUIN MOREAU conducts research and innovates to continually improve its understanding of the world of wines and spirits.

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