Chips, blocks, sticks: take a look at our range of oak alternative products to find the ideal solution for maturing your spirits!

SEGUIN MOREAU’s full expertise, focusing on alternative products for spirits. Inspired by knowledge gained in the spirit industry, SEGUIN MOREAU is offering a high-quality range tailored to spirits, from distilling through to finishing.

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More than just a chip, SEGUIN MOREAU offers the SPIRITS FINISHER: the cooperage’s patented compacted oak briquettes are a compact, precise, health-preserving alternative to traditional chips Discover our two Finisher ranges.



    Used from the start of the maturation process with a short period of contact (one to two months), the SPIRITS FINISHER PROFILE range is used to guide the style of your spirits. It is available in three versions – Bourbon, Rum and XO – to enable a precise sensory profile. They can also be used during finishing before stabilisation, when they will similarly delight: feel free to ask our sales team to conduct tests for you.



    Composed of a specific blend of French and/or American oak, the SPIRITS FINISHER BOOSTER range offers a finishing touch for your spirits. Available in the three versions of Peated, Spicy or Aging, these boosters are for use during finishing before stabilisation for just one to two months. Talk to our sales team to conduct testing.


Made of French or American oak in thicknesses of 11 to 18 mm, our range of blocks for spirits is perfect for white brandies. Find out more!

  • Reproduce the aromatic complexity and power on the palate that comes from a long period of ageing.

    Made of French or American oak, our SPIRITS BLOCK range allows you to create aromatic complexity in record time! Different thicknesses and toast levels allow you to achieve your sensory objectives and give your spirits the complexity you are looking for. Available in the three versions of XO, French Oak and American Oak, our range is for use on white brandies before vatting or after maturation, for a period of six to eight months. Our teams are on hand to help – get in touch!


extend the working life of your used barrels

Sticks – products that can extend the service life of old barrels – are smart, high-quality tools.

  • Create a rich, complex profile to enhance your barrel aging across multiple vintages.

    Created as a blend of French and American oak, our SPIRITS STICKS allow you to get the best from your used barrels based on target profiles, such as brandy or rum. SPIRITS STICKS are available in a single version: S22. Offering a powerful, rich, gourmet sensation on the palate, it can be placed in used barrels for eight to ten months.

  • Barrels

    Whether cognac, whisky or brandy, our barrels for spirits are made at our craft cooperage in Cognac.

  • Large containers

    Our craft cooperage in Cognac offers wine tanks and vats made of French oak, with the option of PEFC certification.

  • Advice

    Get advice on how to use our products, and much more.